A Year of Bullet Journaling

This January marks a year since I started my first successful Bullet Journal. Over the years, I’ve tried to use the system to keep myself organised, however, this year it just clicked.

During this time I have learnt a lot, firstly I can’t draw! Before I started I spent time researching on Instagram and Pinterest and watching many of Amanda Rach Lee’s videos on YouTube. Even though they were all extremely inspiring there was no point me try to copy their ideas too closely. Since I don’t have the patience for drawing, and this would dishearten me.

Instead, I rely on stickers, coloured pens and washi tape to decorate my pages. Obviously I know it’s not all about how it looks, this part, however, gives me a wonderful creative outlet outside of my work.

Secondly, I find that simplicity is key. As I said I can’t draw so trying to create spreads that have many different shapes and designs isn’t feasible. I find that using basic straight lines and boxes is the most effective way I have to create my weekly spreads. However, saying that my favourite spread from last year is one that used a dutch door giving more space. Then I used washi tape and stickers to make it more interesting.

Thirdly I discovered that I’m very bad at sticking to a To-Do List. Last year I always made them and often got distracted by other things. Meaning that many of my own personal projects were pushed aside. Seeing as this year I am going self-employed as a freelance make-up artist this is something that I need to work on. So I plan on using my bullet journal to keep myself disciplined so I can further my career.

Pinterest graphic for this post.

And finally flipping through the past twelve months shows me how much I’ve grown bullet journaling. Not only creatively but also personally. I’ve had a wonderful snapshot into what’s happened and it’s a lovely way of preserving memories.

My Tips

So my top tips if you are thinking about starting a Bullet Journal yourself are:

  • Keep it simple – it can be very intimidating seeing all the beautiful work out there. But a bullet journal has to be first and foremost, functional.
  • Stickers and washi tape are your best friends.- they are so versatile
  • Don’t worry if you ‘fall behind’ just pick up where you are – I’m sure I have a few months that I didn’t finish, including December just gone as I got busy and didn’t have time.
  • Find your own way – there are many sources of inspiration but you don’t have to copy. Use them and make them your own.

Are you a Bullet Journaling addict like myself? Are you an old pro or a beginner like myself? Let me know in the comments. And to finish here enjoy these images from my 2020 bullet journal set up.