For this Beginners Makeup Course, I have developed 5 modules. Covering what I consider the basics of makeup. In each module, I’ll discuss products, application and some tips for finding what suits you best. 

Module One

Foundation and Concealer

In this module, I’ll cover the different aspects of Foundation and Concealer. Including the different formula’s they, come in. Which formula’s can be better for different skin types along with the difference between concealing and colour correction. 

Beginners Makeup Course
Beginners Makeup Course : The corner of a highlighter makeup palette.

Module Two

Contour and Highlight

Module Two looks at the basics of contour and highlighting. Again I’ll look at the different formula’s these products are available in. As well as looking at what the purpose of each is and how to find the best place to apply them for your face shape. 

Module Three

Brows and Lips

In Module Three we’ll begin to look at filling and shaping lips and brows. These small things can make a large difference to your makeup so I’ll be sharing some tips for finding out the right shape for you. Along with different ways of using products to gain different results.

A Brow Makeup Palette to illustrate the Brow and Lips Module
Beginners Makeup Course

Module Four

Basic Eye

Eye’s are my favourite parts of any makeup. In the module, we’ll explore the best ways of enhancing your eye shape using different tones of similar shades to create a basic eyeshadow look.  This combined with using mascara can create an effective but easy everyday look.

Module Five

Dressy Eyes

In this final module of the Beginners Makeup Course, we’ll build on what we covered yesterday. We’ll look at the basics of eyeliner and creating a simple smokey eye. With this combined with all the other modules, you’ll be all set to start exploring more makeup looks.

Makeup Wish List

This course will consist of five live Zoom sessions over five weeks, each week I will send out the Zoom link via email with the information that is required.

If you’d like to book onto this course head over to the link bellow.