Christopher Robin

Have you seen the latest Disney Film Christopher Robin? I went to see it the other day. As soon as I saw the trailer I knew I wanted to see it. It felt reminiscent of the old Winnie the Pooh films with a modern adaptation and a timeless storyline.

Christopher Robin

I was reminded of the 1991 film Hook starring Robin Williams within the ideas behind it and the basic story. Overall Christopher Robin was one of the most heartbreaking and heartwarming films of all time. For the storyline was absolutely perfect. As I said above it fit in with my entire idea of Winnie the Pooh. It was different, but a perfect fit.

Ewan McGregor was the perfect choice to play Christopher Robin and how right I was. He was brilliantly was able to play all the sides of the character, the childlike wonder when he returns to the Hundred Acre Wood, the high-pressured businessman and the loving but slightly absent father. His performance worked so well and brought the story alive.

Hayley Atwell’s part in the film added my desire to watch this film.  Since I watched her in the first season of Agent Carter I admired her as an actor. I found her performance was real and matched very well with Ewan McGregor’s portrayal of Christopher Robin.

Christopher Robin

Obviously, the most important part of this film was the animation. And it was stunning! I loved how they nodded towards the fact that Owl and Rabbit we’re real animals while the rest of the characters were toys. Each character looked amazing. There was so much detail in there design the texture of the fabrics really stood out for each toy. All the performances of each actor were brilliant. I loved that Jim Cummings still played Winnie the Pooh and Tigger and my favourite part was the fact that they brought back the ‘Wonderful Things About Tigger’s’ song from the Tigger movie. It was a wonderful throwback and I must admit I nearly squealed when it started!

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  • I really want to see this film it sounds amazing! I read your post very cautiously because I didn’t want there to be any spoilers and I’m glad there weren’t any! Thank you for sharing, I want to see it even more now 🙂

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