Have you ever read a book that has left you disappointed, yet still wanting more? This is how I felt at the end of Dollhouse by Anya Allyn. I read the very last line of the story and found myself thinking what? Why has it finished here? However, it did make me really want to know what was happening next in the sequel. It was frustrating yet intriguing at the same time.

Dollhouse book

I enjoyed the whole concept of the book. Overall I found it was a very creepy read. I found myself reading a lot of books with these themes last year. This one was most definitely up there as one of the creepiest! The whole idea of the toys coming to life added to the tone. The image of the characters being caught in a dollhouse enhances the creepiness.

Since this was a young adult book there were some areas that I didn’t find necessary or all that creepy. There aren’t any single points that I would say that’s a part I didn’t like. I did get a general feeling that even though the themes and imagery were creepy the actual story wasn’t.  And frankly, I quickly grew tired of the romance aspect. It felt weak and forced, almost as if it was a tool to push forward the narrative. Rather than the natural progression.

So overall I have mixed feeling about this book. It was enjoyable to read. It caught my attention when I first read it. Enough that I’d read the second in the series. However, it isn’t a book I’d jump to recommend to anyone. And I won’t be reading it again.

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