It’s that time again, the first blog post of the month. I like using this post to set goals for the next few weeks since I find that I stick to them better when I write them down and share them. So without further ado, here are my February Goals.


It makes sense to start with my blog first. This month I don’t want to change much. I want to stick to my posting schedule and writing posts in advance. I also want to start putting a promotion strategy into place. It’s the main this I feel that I should be doing to grow my blog that I’m not.


I definitely saw an increase of engagement on Instagram while I was posting daily, and while I’m not going to actively stop I’m also not going to promise that I will. Since I find that I post better when I’m doing it for fun. not only for business purposes. I also want to improve my engagement on other people posts. I’m terrible at scrolling through and liking rather than commenting. I feel that it will help my engagement if I’m interacting with others. In relation to this, I’m aiming to up my hash tag stategy through interacting with posts under the same relevant hashtags.


My main goal this month for work is to find a system to put in place that works for me. I have been adviced on a structure, now I need to make it my own. This will help me when I’m applying for work and experience. I have also joined a new scheme which will help me with the business side of everything.


This is often the area of my life that gets pushed aside the most often. This months goal is to listen to myself more to make sure that I’m not pushing myself to far. To encourage this my goal is to take time each morning to chill, read and wake up properly, and at least three times a week set aside an hour or two to practise some hand lettering. A skill I’ve chosen to learn this year.

What are your February goals for this? Any ideas of things you could implament to give you the best change of attaining them?

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