Going Vegetarian

As you may have read in my New Beginnings¬†post last month, Conor and I made the decision to go vegetarian a few months ago. Today I thought I’d share a quick post about why we made this decision and how it’s going so far, for anyone who’s possibly thinking about cutting out or reducing meat. Or for anyone who is particularly curious.

Why Vegetarian?

Let’s start with the burning question that’s going through everyone’s mind. Why? Why after 26 years of eating meat have I decided to give it up and follow a vegetarian lifestyle? I’m afraid I have to disappoint you all, there was no major epiphany or anything like that. First and formally I simply don’t like eating meat. I’ve never really liked the taste of it. Most dishes I enjoyed it was the flavors and textures I liked. Most of these can be recreated in some way or another. You just have to be creative.

Photo by Davor Nisevic on Unsplash
Photo by Davor Nisevic on Unsplash


I have wanted to become vegetarian, however, up until now, I’ve never had the confidence. So when Conor came home and said he wanted to explore it I was very happy to try.

How’s it going?

I’m loving it! I don’t find myself missing meat at all. We will occasionally eat fish, which I didn’t want to cut out straight away. In fact, I’m finding myself eating much better. Many of my bad eating habits revolved around sweets. Sweets which I can no longer eat because of the gelatine in them. There is also the obvious of eating more veg along with beans and pulses. Which can’t be a bad thing, can it?

Any struggles?

This sounds really counterproductive, but I’ve never really liked vegetables. Yes, you read that right.

Going Vegetarian
Red Lentil Patties with Garlic-Herb and Tahini Sauce

Sounds a bit odd for someone wanting to be vegetarian. But what I’m finding now is that maybe what I didn’t like was how the vegetables were cooked. I’m having great fun experimenting with different recipes to find new things I enjoy. Most recently I’ve discovered that I really like aubergine. Something I hadn’t thought about much before.

Two recipes I’ve fallen in love with are these Roasted Halloumi Fajitas from the Happy Veggie Kitchen. And these Red Lentil Patties with a Garlic-Herb Tahini sauce¬†from Dels Cooking Twist.

The Fajitas are just so easy! Cut everything up, throw in a roasting tin and wait. And they taste amazing. The Red Lentil Patties take a bit more prep and time, however they are so versatile and I love the sauce. You only need a little bit and it tastes amazing!

Anyway enough about recipes. If anyone’s interested I could do a post in the future of vegetarian recipes that I’ve made my staples!

So there you have it. A quick post on why I chose to start this journey. Is this something you’re looking to do? Or are you vegetarian or vegan? If so can you point me in the direction of any recipes or blogs that could help me out! Let’s chat in the comments.

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