Graduation One Year On

Graduation One Year OnToday marks an important milestone. I officially graduated from university a year ago! (well technically graduation was yesterday but today’s the same date) There was a lot of fear on that day about what I was going to do next and what would happen. I’ve had a year of ups and downs but I thought I’d share with you some positive things that have happened.


Conor and I have now officially lived together for over a year. In our own place not sharing a room in a student house.



I was promoted to a Supervisor at work


I started this blog! It’s definitely been the best decision I’ve made.

Graduation One Year On4)

I finally decided what I wanted to do as a career that might use my degree and I’ve been taking steps to start.


I bought a house! That was my main goal for the past year. Even though I wanted to start my career and using the degree I graduated in buying a house came before that. And I’ve done it! I can pick the keys up next week and we move in soon after.

So, even though I may not be at the same place as other people are who graduated at the same time as me, I’ve used the past year in a way that is useful for me. Once we’ve moved, Conor and I can both start focusing our energy on our future careers without the worry of having to pay the rent. So for me, that is an achievement!

Everyone’s experiences after university are different, as are they’re goals. And no one’s life pans out the same way so there is no need to compare what you’ve achieved to anyone else. I’d recommend reading this post by Ruth in Revolt if you’re struggling with this as she sums it up far more coherently that I could and it’s a wonderful read!

What have been your goals for the past year? Have you achieved them? Let me know in the comments no matter how big or small I’d love to know!


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  • Aww, this makes me so happy. You’re doing SO well, and I love you’ve been able to buy your house. That really is such a fantastic achievement. And thank you very much for giving my post a mention! I appreciate it 🙂

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