June Goals

Good morning! It really doesn’t feel like it’s been a month since I wrote my May Goals post. I did post it a week late but who’s keeping count? So today I will be doing a roundup of how I did with my May Goals and then write up my June Goals

May Roundup


Posting twice a week, I have stuck to that! Definitely a pass for me. I’ve maybe not be organised and had everything pre-written but I’ve got posts up!

June GoalsIn terms of social media, I’ve managed both of my targets in terms of followers. I wanted to reach 100 followers on Twitter and 150 on Instagram but you guys were amazing and I smashed that! I’ve now got 198 followers on Twitter and 176 followers on Instagram!

I also wanted to post more on Instagram, I’ve started sorting that out in the past week as I’ve begun to embrace scheduling so I have my content going up more regularly.


Haha, I’ve had a total fail there. My exercise hasn’t really taken off yet. I’m still trying to work it into my current lifestyle. I also haven’t read much. I’m usually found listening to an audiobook, however, I’m currently re-reading a Rick Riordan book I’ve listened to before.

Top 3 Posts in May

Upset Sunset

Weekend Trip: Wales Comic Con

My Body Positivity Journey

June Goals


Reach 350 followers on Twitter

I set my sights slightly low for May so why not aim for a bit more this month. I’m definitely not a consistent poster on Twitter but whenever I have a spare hour or few minutes I try and get on there! So I’m going to aim for 350!

Reach 250 followers on Instagram

My followers seem to have switched. Last month I had more followers on Instagram than on Twitter but I can’t complain. I’ve recently been working on my Instagram feed trying to update and upload photos more consistently and something seems to be going right I’m getting better engagement on some posts so onwards and upwards!

Commenting on other peoples blogsJune Goals - Planner

I’m getting better at this. I’m pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone and I have been commenting more. This goal is a bit of a mixture of blogging and personal but I want to comment on at least ten blogs a day. That might not seem like much to some people but the thought of sending someone a message or commenting is terrifying sometimes so I need to do it more.


Get organised

I usually have the ideas for my blog posts ready but I’m quite terrible at getting them written in advance. I want to stay at least one week ahead of schedule! Then I’ll feel better, I can then work up to being a month ahead.


Get out the house on my days off

I’m terrible for this. I’m the type of person who would happily sit inside all day watching Netflix even when it’s the middle of summer. I don’t usually have much time to get out as my days off are few and far between and when I have them I’m usually blogging. But I need to give myself an hour each day just to take a break and get out.

Eat less sugar

By sugar, I mean processed sugar. I’m terrible for it. I don’t eat enough as it is but even when I’m snacking or not really that hungry I’m reaching for things that aren’t good for me! So this month I’m trying to cut out as much processed sugar as I can and concentrate on eating better things. I love to bake so this might not be easy but I’ll give it a go!

So there you have it. My May Round up and June goals! What goals have you set for June? Did you hit your May goals? Let me know in the comments below!

5 Thoughts on “May Roundup & June Goals”

  • I can totally relate to the difficulty of scheduling posts for both my blog and Instagram and also commenting on other blogs! The hardest thing for me is just knowing where and how to start! 🙈

  • You’ve done really well in May! I’m sure you’ll achieve your goals in June, too! Right there with you on getting out the house more and eating less sugar. I’m going to be forced to have less sugar anyway when I get my braces done, so I’m trying to sort the habit out now. x

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m going to work my hardest to do so, not doing brilliantly so far haha. I’ve cut down somewhat on my sugar but still not quite enough. But it’s only day two!
      Menna x

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