Vegetarian Pizza Muffins

I grew up eating pizza muffins. Regularly served at picnics. These were the perfect choice to make when a simple recipe was required.

I don’t have my mums recipe for these instead I scoured the internet and found a few different recipes to try. The one I used was this one from BBC Good Food with a couple of tweaks. Some intentional, others not so much. The main unintentional tweak was the use of bicarbonate of soda instead of baking powder. This is what happens when you don’t read the label and the containers are identical. But it wasn’t too disastrous I don’t think, they still rose and came out like they should have done.

Pizza Muffins

The rest of the muffin mixture was straightforward minus the sugar, and then you add the ‘pizza toppings’. I assumed pizza topping meant a tomato sauce, I didn’t have anything like this so I didn’t add it. I did make two different ‘fillings’. One vegetarian the other not. Both muffins had herbs, black pepper and grated cheese added to the mixture. Then for the vegetarian muffins, roasted cherry tomatoes were added and for the others, I added chopped bacon and chorizo.

I didn’t have much time to take photos of them before the band descended but here is what I got with the remaining few.

Pizza Muffins

Next time less mixture will go into the cases because a few fell apart when taken out to cool. Other than that, they were a nice size and filling. I would also add different ingredients to the vegetarian to add more flavours. Just more tomato and a stronger cheese alongside the mozzarella would enhance them further.

What would you suggest putting in a vegetarian pizza muffin? Or even let me know what your favourite pizza topping is? I’m looking for ideas to experiment next time I make these.

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