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Thought of the Day? I’m sure that title is a segment on Radio 4? Or maybe it used to be, however, I couldn’t think of a witty alliteration title for this impromptu post so that will have to do.

Thought Of The Day

Sometimes I love working in retails, rarely, but today was one of those days. It’s been a weird day, things happened that I haven’t got my head around. However, during my shift today I got talking to a lovely gentleman. We spoke about his travels, how he and his wife had gone to Pompei on a holiday and how much I wanted to visit in the future. This lead on to what I was doing and my plans for the future. People first question when I say I moved for here for University is what I studied. Upon hearing the answer they get a knowing look in their eyes as if they’re saying ‘ah yes, you did media. This is why you’re here. Time to stop dreaming’

This gentleman didn’t do this, he just told me to keep going and not give up. He told me to always remember

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I’m not sure why this stuck with me so much, but it made me think and it really brightened my day. So I shall leave you with after my short ramblings. Whatever your dreams or goals keep at them. You never know what’s around the next corner, or through the next door. Things you wouldn’t have seen or found if you’d given up.

Thought Of The Day

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