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Reading has always been a huge part of my life. When I was a child reading was my escape. Its what I did before I went to bed, on the train, during downtime while were on holiday; you get the picture. It was during this time I began re-reading different books, some of which I still read today. Obviously, I have found a few favourites as I went along. So today I’m sharing my top 5 Childhood favourite books.

#1 Inkheart: Cornelia Funke

Top 5 Favourite Childhood Books

For a child who was a bookworm, reading a book whose heroine was also a bookworm was a perfect combination. This book had my perfect blend of fantasy mixed with the real world. The entire idea was based around characters from a fictional book being brought into our own. It was magical and the world that Funke created was amazing, and different even though it was set in a place the reader already recognised.

If you haven’t read this book I would highly recommend it. Or if you have children of the right age give it to them to read! Especially if you have only watched the rather disappointing film (in my opinion) of the same title you’ll see how much better the book is. Inkheart is the first in the trilogy with Inkspell and Inkdeath.


#2 Little House Series: Laura Ingalls-Wilding

I can’t count how many times I’ve read these books. I loved how they were autobiographical but still felt like fiction. I’ve always struggled reading autobiography’s but since originally I didn’t know that’s what I was reading it was easy. Even as a child I loved learning about different places and cultures.

The Little House Series follows Laura Ingall’s life as she grows up in the American Midwest spanning 1870-1894. As the family moves from place to place, beginning in a small cottage in an out of the way woods finishing in a newly built up town. Ingall’s covers so many different important topics throughout the series, such as growing up, coping with change, family. All that I still think are relevant in today’s society.  This is easy to see as the books are all written in the third person and; especially in the earlier books; written from the perspective of a child.

#3 Harry Potter: J.K Rowling

Top 5 Favourite Childhood Books

This is another series that I have read again, and again, and again. I still read them now. Right now, as I type this I am listening to the Audiobook of the Order of the Pheonix. They are one of my go-to books. If I want something that I know, or something that I know will make me feel better. These were such a huge part of my childhood. I, like many of you, did wait in hope for my letter from Hogwarts on my 11th birthday. (spoiler, it didn’t come!) I can admit that they’re not the best-written books I’ve ever read but it’s somewhere I can escape to. Something I love.

#4 A Long Way Home: Micheal Morpurgo

I loved many Micheal Morpurgo books but A Long Way Home stands out in my memory. I was such a beautiful story about fitting in, growing up and family. This is one I haven’t read for years. But I went back to constantly when I was in high school. It was a bit comforting because I often found myself feeling like an outsider and left out during these years. This book helped me feel better about that feeling.

#5 White Boots: Noel Streatfeild

Top 5 Favourite Childhood Books

There seems to be a running theme but I suppose there’s a reason that all these books are my favourites. I still read this book. I still read this book from time to time. It’s a wonderful story about childhood and growing up. But this time it’s about dreams and expectations and the pressures that everyone feels throughout life, but especially those that children might feel put on them from the adults whose care they are in.  It also explores the wealth divide between different social backgrounds. Even though the book was published in 1951 it is still relevant today.

So there you have it. Five of my childhood favourite books. What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments.

What else have I been reading?

Wilde Like Me
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