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As a continuation of last week’s My Body Positivity Journey post I said I was going to start this series What I Wore. I shall be exploring different looks I’ve worn and using it as a way to embrace myself more and because more comfortable infront of the camera.

This first look it was still a bit cold so I wanted something to keep warm but also to start bringing in a bit more spring colours.

What I Wore Week 1

Shirt: British Heart Foundation charity shop

What I Wore Week 1

Skirt: Sobey’s Vintage Shop

Jacket: Mango

Shoes: Doctor Martens

So nearly all a charity shop/vintage look. I love buying my clothes from these type of places. It takes some digging but their are some gems to find!

This skirt is one of my favourites. Not only is it a brilliant shape for me it also has pockets! Not just any pockets either. These are big enough to fit a Kindle in. (Yes I have tested that)

So this is my first What I Wore post. I should create a look that’s 100% second hand.

Where’s your favourite place to buy clothes from? What’s your best charity shop find?


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