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What’s in my bag? Zero Waste Edition

Gosh, writing that title took me back to early 2000 when I’d spend my free time watching YouTubers such as Zoella and Tanya Burr filming What’s in my bag videos. How times have changed! Today I’m giving it my own, zero waste spin.

But I digress, as I said in my New Beginnings post, Conor and I have started trying to reduce the amount of single-use plastic that we use in our everyday life. It’s a slow journey, some things are easier than others. For example, food shopping we’ve found alternatives for many things. Whereas, as I’m training as a makeup artist there are certain things I need to use that I have as of yet been unable to find alternatives for. Enough of that though, and onto the main post. I wanted to share with you what I keep in my bag to help me reduce my waste while I’m out and about.

#1 A Bag

I always felt so silly in work, especially when they bought a bag asking if they wanted a bag. But I always keep a reusable bag, in my bag.  I like ones that fold up smaller and that are also brightly coloured. So that they’re easier to transport and also to find in the depths of my bag. The main two are this one that I was given a few years ago. It’s a fabulous size and it’s a good strong canvas material. Along with this one that I made myself, it’s a basic cotton bag that folds up. I use them both for most things, my main issue is working on remembering to put the bag back into my main bag once I’ve used it!

Zero Waste - Homemade BagZero Waste - Folding bag

#2 A Travel Mug

These I use all the time. I’m trying not to build up too much of a collection, as we’re trying to reduce our stuff as well as our single-use plastic. My favourite ones are bamboo ones with rubber lids. They tend to be just the right size for me, especially since I don’t tend to drink at once. Obviously, there are so many different styles including ones that are better for insulating the drinks. These are far better for keeping the drinks hot, or cold for longer. I don’t tend to use these unless we’re going on long journey’s and then we’ll take a large thermos that we can share.

My favourite mugs are this bamboo one. I love the colour of this one, the lid has a seal which reduces the risk of spilling hot coffee. Also this plastic one, which I picked up from our local Zero Waste store Awesome Wales. It’s smaller than the bamboo one and has a sliding lid that is even better at reducing the risk of spills.

 Awesome Wales reusable coffee mug Bamboo Reusable Coffee Cup

#3 A Waterbottle

This has two parts. I’ll always have a water bottle with me so I’m more likely to drink enough throughout the day. It also means that I don’t have to buy a water bottle while I’m out. Which cuts down on my single-use practice also, it reduces the number of sugary drinks that I’m drinking.

I have two water bottles that I use on a regular basis, a plastic Sistema Twist and Sip bottle and a Metal drinks bottle. The Metal bottle I’m using the most at the moment because it insulates the drink inside. And with the weather we’ve been having recently, it’s great to know that no matter what it will still be cold.

Since I always use the same two bottles I know exactly how much they hold. This helps me so much in keeping track of what I’m drinking.
Zero Waste - Hufflepuff Metal Water bottle

So there you have it. The things I always try to carry with me in my bag. Is there anything you’d add to this list? What steps, if any are you taking to move towards zero waste? I always welcome suggestions.

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