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Hey! Welcome back to What I Wore Week Four! Can you believe it’s been four weeks already? How’ve you been finding it? I’ve quite enjoyed writing and creating it. I said I’d only do 4 weeks but I’m thinking of carrying it on a bit longer. What are your thoughts?

Well while you think on that lets start on this weeks look!

Wore Week Four

So I can’t really tell you where most of this outfit came from because it comprises of primarily this beautiful dress. I was very lucky with this one, it’s an old vintage dress that belonged to Conor’s Great Grandmother. She and his Great Grandfather used to be Ballroom dancers and this was one of the dresses she used to wear. Wore Week Four

She was having a clear out and she kindly offered me this dress. And I love it! I love the fit along and style of it and I feel amazing with it on.

Now, this is the one time that I really don’t feel like these boots worked with this outfit, however, I was being rushed to leave so I grabbed whatever was closest that I could wear for a long period of time!

These are the same Paver’s boots that I had on for Week Three’s outfit but they worked much better in that one!

Wore Week Four

This was an outfit I wore for a gig that Conor was playing in Bristol.  I went with something that I could comfortably wear for the long car journey but also felt good in. And I think this fitted the bill.

It was also nice to have a bit of fun playing with the camera with my friend Asha Jane, who is the wonderful singer in the band. And Conor, but as you can see the photo above is the best one we got of the two of us so that went well.

So that it for this weeks What I Wore, I hope you enjoyed it. So you’ve had time to think while reading it. Is this something you’d like me to continue to do for another few weeks? Let me know in the comments below.

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One Thought on “What I Wore Week Four”

  • It’s awesome that this is a vintage item! It really suits you, too. I hope you do carry on this series because I really enjoy it 🙂 x

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