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What I Wore Week Three. This is the next instalment of my Body Positivity Journey Series This week I’m going back a few weeks to when I went to Nuclear Lullaby’s Upset Sunset Album launch.

I needed a look that I could quickly change into since I was working until 5 then had to get change and shoot across Cardiff, stopping off for food along the way for the doors opening at 7:30. You’ll be glad to know. We made it!

I made change easier for myself by only change my dress, keeping my jacket and shoes the same as what I wore during my shift.

The Look:

What I Wore Week Three

Dress: Apricot

What I Wore Week Three

Jacket: George by Asda

Shoes: Pavers

I’m not a fan of mirror selfies. I have to work on my skills at taking them. But the bathroom of the venue had the best lighting so what’s a girl to do? This dress is my favourite. I find it so versatile. I can either dress it up or wear it in a more casual setting. For this event it was a bit in between because it was a nice event, however, I paired it with casual boots. But that is a perfect summary of my style,  I also didn’t want to carry a pair of heels/dressy shoes around with me and the boots are comfy!

So this was week three if you’d like to see my other looks you can find them here:

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What would be your go-to outfit to change into if you were short of time? Let me know in the comments!

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