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What I Wore Week Two! If you want to read why I started this series you can read it here on my Body Positivity Journey post.

This day was sunnier than week one, actually, one of the first sunny days the UK had had for a while, so I did the obvious British thing of putting on my most summery outfit and making the most of the sun. Because it will probably disappear again soon!

The look:

What I Wore Week Two

Top: Forever 21

What I Wore Week Two


What I Wore Week Two

Jacket: New Look

What I Wore Week Two


Shoes: Pavers Shoes

I have two of these Jackets and they are my favourite things to wear in the summer. Because they’re light and cool I can wear something over my shoulders without boiling to death! It helps shield me from sunburn as well!

So this was week two if you’d like to see my other looks you can find them here:

Week One

What is your go-to item of clothing for the summer? As I said mine’s those floaty jackets, along with a long/midlength skirt! Let me know in the comments. If you’d like to see la

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