An image of me.
This is me!

Welcome, welcome one and all!

I’m glad you’ve joined me here in this little place of the internet that I call my own. He’s a few things about me.

I’m a freelance make-up artist based in South Wales. I’m an LGBTQ+ friendly makeup artist who strives to create a safe place to explore and learn makeup.

A few phrases to describe me!

Coffee Lover
Doggo Mother
Proud Hufflepuff
Avid Reader
Makeup Obsessed

As a Makeup Artist, I spent the past 5 years gaining experience working in different areas of makeup as part of my Performance and Media degree. Before training at the Bath Academy of Media Makeup. During this, I gained experience in all different areas of hair and Makeup.

My favourite part of makeup is the transformative nature of it. It can change so many things, especially how we feel when we use it. My goal is to help people create looks that make them feel comfortable and confident in themselves.

I spent much of my school life not fitting in, always different. Even now I’m not a ‘usual’ girl. I’m a tomboy who lives in dresses and leggings, I’m a makeup artist who doesn’t like wearing makeup. As Princess Fiona in Shrek the Musical says,

I’m a mess of contradictions in a dress.

Now I want to use my knowledge and experiences to help others who possibly don’t feel comfortable in themselves. I offer both lessons in makeup and services such as wedding and special occasion makeup.