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Did you know that tomorrow 29th September is National Coffee Day? Or that the 1st October is International Coffee Day? I didn’t, I’ve been missing out! Especially as I love coffee, and the 1st is my birthday. To make up for this, what better excuse to get a new eyeshadow palette and create some new looks.

First Coffee eye shadow look using the shades Foam, Caffeine, Americano and Iced.

This is a lovely eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution it’s the Tasty Palette Coffee* by I Heart Revolution. All the shades are all named after different coffees or things that relate to coffee. That makes it the perfect palette for celebrating #NationalCoffeeDay. It’s 16 shades are not only browns, but it also has some lovely pinks and purples too. This I was pleasantly surprised to see. This gives you far more scope to create a variety of looks. It has a nice mixture of mattes and shimmer too, some lovely golds, reds and even a fun purple/lilac shade.

Second eyeshadow look, using Babyccino, Arabica and Decaf

This first look I, of course, wanted to try out the purple shades. I started with Foam all over the lid and then took the shade Caffeine, blending it into the outer corner and the crease. I deepened the look using a small amount of Americano and then finished the whole look off with a beautiful shimmer called Iced.

For this second look, I wanted to explore more of the pink shades. So I started with Babyccino all over the lid and used Arabica in the outer corner. Then using some Decaf as a finishing touch

Final coffee inspired eyeshadow look, using the shades, Foam, Java and Mocha

This final look I used Foam again as a base over the lid, followed by Java in the crease with Mocha deepening the outer corner. Finishing with Roast blended over the lid with a little more Mocha to blend it all together.

It’s no secret that I love Makeup Revolution products in general. They’re affordable and good quality. This palette is not only really fun with its cute packaging and theme but it also has a really nice variety of shades that you can use to create so many different looks. I’ve only scratched the surface of what can be done. I can’t wait to use this palette more and see what else I can do with it. If you’re looking for a good palette that you can create not only neutral looks with a nice range of browns but some more fun looks with the purple and pinks options and some really beautiful shimmery shades.

If you are looking for something a bit different they have a wide range of coffee-inspired products other than the one I used, including the I Heart Revolution Mini Tasty Eyeshadow Palette Espresso* and the I Heart Revolution Tasty Coffee Bronzer*

What’s your favourite of these three looks I’ve created? I’d love to know in the comments.

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11 Thoughts on “Celebrating #nationalcoffeeday with the I Heart Revolution Tasty Palette Coffee”

  • I must admit I can’t remember the last time I used makeup (eeep!) But this palette looks gorgeous, I really like the teal colours in the palette! They’re very me.

  • I had no idea it was national coffee day – i’ll have to make the other half a nice one to celebrate. This is such a lovely palette – I love the colours in it all something I would find wearable and I’m so fussy lol.

  • Oooo National coffee day!! I hadn’t ealised taht exhisted. I do love teh colours in that palette. Lovely warm brown tones for Autumn.

  • Every day might as well be coffee day for me, I just love it. Of the three looks you put together I like the third where you’re wearing the eyeglasses the best.

  • Love this idea and love all things coffee. I wish I could sip on the espressos like Italians do but for me it’s all milky Atm. The palette has gorgeous colours

  • I must admit I don’t drink coffee but this is definitely a copy I could get interested in lol! It is such a beautiful palette full of all the shades I like! It looks perfect for creating lots of lovely warm autumn and winter looks!

  • Didn’t know it was Coffee day, I don’t like coffee myself but my partner drinks mugs of it everyday. Love the colours in the palette, latte looks gorgeous and my kind of colour.

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