Yes, I was slightly put off by the name, to begin with, but with my skin recently becoming really dry I went into Lush hoping that they could recommend something that might help my skin. I’d seen them spoken about on a number of blogs I follow before but hadn’t yet braved to try them myself. So when I was offered a sample to try I jumped on it.

I tried Just To Clarify, describe on their website as such;

Let’s get things cleared up.
Enzymic papaya juice brightens.
Bamboo stem exfoliates.
Grapefruit and bergamot oils lift the mood.
Fresh orange juice perks you up.

My first impressions were that it smelt really good, the grapefruit and orange really came through giving it a wonderful citrusy tang. This to me is really appealing, I love citrus and only recently discovered my love for the scent of pink grapefruit, especially The Bodyshop products…but that is another blog post. The texture is, I must admit a little odd, but what else would you expect from a product that is described as jelly? It lived up to its name. This did make it easier to get a generous amount to use.

It became slightly more liquid when I warmed it between my fingers, making it slightly easier to apply, however, it does look a bit odd, but don’t all face masks? The application wasn’t smooth, the consistency of the product it didn’t spread very easily so in some areas of my face it was much thicker than others.

Slightly more liquidy but still an odd consistency.

Patchy application.

I always make a huge mess when taking off any facemask so I generally take them off when I’m in the shower, this product felt really nice to take off, I always like at least a small amount of scrub in a face mask, otherwise I don’t feel like I’ve cleaned my face, and this product didn’t disappoint. It wasn’t too much, it was enough to be refreshing.

I would want to see if this product made any sort of major difference to my skin over a few weeks, but it did make my skin feel so much better and cleaner so I think I will go back and purchase a larger pot so I can do this and see what long-term effects it has.

What’s your favourite face mask? I’m always looking for recommendations so let me know in the comments below. And what are your thoughts on Lush face masks? Hate them? Haven’t tried them? or can’t live without them?