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Yes, I was slightly put off by the name Jelly Face Mask, to begin with, I’m not a fan of jelly anyway. So as a skincare product, I’d always steered clear. Recently my skin became really dry, so I went into Lush for recommendations.  I’ve seen a number of blogs I follow mention these masks before but hadn’t yet braved to try them myself. I jumped on the chance to try out a sample.

I tried Just To Clarify, described on their website as such;

Let’s get things cleared up.
Enzymic papaya juice brightens.
Bamboo stem exfoliates.
Grapefruit and bergamot oils lift the mood.
Fresh orange juice perks you up.

My first impression was that it smelt really good, the grapefruit and orange really came through giving it a wonderful citrusy tang. I love citrus scents and only recently discovered my love for the scent of pink grapefruit, especially The Bodyshop products so this appealed immediately. The texture is, odd, but what else do you expect from a product that is described as jelly? This did make it easier to get a generous amount to use.

Showing the texture of the Jelly Face Mask before Application
Slightly more liquidy but still an odd consistency.

It became slightly more liquid when I warmed it between my fingers. This made it slightly easier to apply, however, it does look a bit odd, but don’t all face masks? The application wasn’t smooth. It applied unevenly due to consistency.  This left me with patches the were thicker than others.

Myself wearing the Jelly Face Mask
Patchy application.

When I take facemasks off I always make a mess, so I take them off in the shower. This product had the right amount of scrub so my face felt clean and refreshed.

I would want to see if this Jelly Face Mask made any sort of major difference to my skin over a few weeks, but it did make my skin feel so much better and cleaner so I think I will go back and purchase a larger pot so I can do this and see what long-term effects it has.

What’s your favourite face mask? I’m always looking for recommendations so let me know in the comments below. And what are your thoughts on Lush face masks? Hate them? Haven’t tried them? or can’t live without them?

4 Thoughts on “Trying out Lush’s Just to Clarify Jelly Face Mask”

    • It was extremely weird I think it’ll take some time to get used to. I find with Lush however much I love some of them, I don’t use them enough so they go off before I finish them.
      That one sounds really nice. When I’ve finished off the two I recently bought I’ll have to give it a go. I did love the Detoxing Clay mask we spoke about a few days ago 🙂 I may have to go back and buy a larger pot. I think they might last longer.

  • Hey Menna!

    I am not a huge fan of this one but I love “let the good times roll” – smells lovely, easy to apply and remove and feels slightly exfoliating without being harsh.

    I really loved ultrabland before going vegan. It is a little oily and difficult to get off but it always boosted my skin and made it clearer – really helped with hydration, too!

    My absolute favourite product that they make is “smugglers soul” but it was for a limited time only last year around Father’s Day – been hoping they’ll bring it out again this year so I can re stock! It was absolutely dreamy.

    Michaela x

    • Hey! Thanks for reading 🙂

      I’d never tried one of the Jelly Face Masks before and this was the one I was recommended for dry skin, I’m still making my mind up about it.

      I love Let the Good Times Roll 🙂 I used to use it about a year ago. I like how it smells like cookie dough. I haven’t had it for ages but I will have to get some again soon. I like changing up what I use because I find my skin gets used to something then it doesn’t have the same effect.

      I couldn’t get along with Ultrabland as a cleanser, I didn’t feel like it cleaned my face. It is however my go to make-up remover. I use it when I wear make-up but also when I’m on set. Thanks for the reminder that it’s not vegan! I will have to keep that in mind just in case I’m working with someone who is vegan 🙂


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